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ASL Handshapes I-Spy Activity Book

ASL Handshapes I-Spy Activity Book


The ASL Handshapes I-Spy Activity Book is designed to enhance early language and literacy skills and provide hours of fun and engagement in creative sign and word play for deaf children and their parents and teachers!


Inspired by research on the relationship between signed language phonological awareness and reading skills this book is for all children from kindergarten and up who are developing an awareness of signed language phonological patterns.   


Each activity page features a main ASL handshape with brightly coloured illustrations of items that are signed with that handshape. A word box on the page contains the clues of the signed items to search for.  Four words follow the handshape pattern and one word does not belong. Can you spy the difference? Have fun playing with each handshape and finding the objects on each page that are made with that handshape.  Can you think of other signs that have the same handshape?

  • Product Info

    Softcover, 24 8" x 8" pages.

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