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ASL Handshape Games

ASL Handshape Games


This bundle includes 3 interactive penguin themed games that encourage ASL handshape recognition, awareness of visual language patterns, and sign and print vocabulary learning - all important early language and literacy skills!

  • Endless Waddle!

    Look at the HS target at the top of the screen.  Players must help Penguin move through 3 lanes on an icefield and select one sign/word (from a choice of 3) that matches that target handshape.  Be alert- the Target HS changes after successful matches. 

  • Hungry Penguins!

    Penguins (with Handshapes on their bellies) are standing on an iceberg and waiting to fed!  Fish (with image/text on their bellies) are swimming randomly under the iceberg. The rules are simple! The penguins can only eat fish whose image/text matches the HS on the penguin’s belly.  

  • Memory Match!

    Test your ASL Handshape knowledge with this game of memory and concentration. Build your memory skills while improving your sign vocabulary and/or your print vocabulary.  

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