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HandsUP! ASL Word Wall


The HandsUP! ASL Word Wall is a vocabulary building tool that supports sign and print word learning in a bilingual context: American Sign Language (ASL) and English. This unique interactive visual dictionary application includes over 700 preloaded picture/printed words that are categorized and displayed by the ASL phonological parameter of handshape (not alphabetically in English). This format allows signers to use handshape to search for a sign that they know in ASL and are learning to read and spell in English. 

Educational Benefits

  • Provides literacy learners an accessible entry point to develop a growing core of words that become part of a signing, reading, and writing vocabulary. 

  • Facilitates sign language phonological analysis skills to anchor sign and print vocabulary in long-term memory. 

  • Increases engagement and motivation for mastering sign and/or print vocabulary. 

  • Encourages independence as students work with words in reading and writing. 

  • Can be used effectively across grade levels and subject areas.

Design Features

  • Handshape (HS) Classification System Includes the 43 most common handshapes in ASL. Words are categorized and displayed by Handshape for easy reference. 

  • Preloaded dictionary of over 700 words and images. 

  • Add a word feature. Personalize the ASL Word Wall by adding new vocabulary words using built-in drawing tools, your device’s photo library/gallery, or your device’s camera. 

  • Create multiple word walls to organize different subject area vocabulary (e.g. Writing, Science, Math, Art). 

  • Includes a Drag N’ Drop game for targeted sign and/or print vocabulary practice with 2 game play options: Picture mode and Text mode.

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