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Eye Spy ASL Handshapes App


Eye Spy ASL Handshapes is a dual language (ASL-English) vocabulary-building game that combines the fun of object seeking with the skill of ASL handshape recognition.

Put your detective skills to the test in this eye-challenging I spy game! Travel through story mode levels earning rewards that will help you build a spaceship to take you into outer space! 

Eye Spy ASL Handshapes is great fun for kids of all ages. What do you spy with your little eye?


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Educational Benefits

  • Facilitates sign language phonological analysis skills to anchor sign and print vocabulary in memory.

  • Increases engagement and motivation for mastering sign and print vocabulary by learning and practicing interactively.

Design Features

  • Handshape classification system includes the 43 most common handshapes in ASL. 

  • Includes over 700 pictures with text for sign and print word learning.

  • Story adventure mode promotes engagement with learning. 

  • Gameplay gives reinforcement and corrective feedback. 

  • No in-app purchases or in-game advertisements.

  • Suitable for ages 6 and up.

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