ASL Handshape Games


​Co-designed with Deaf children, this bundle includes 3 interactive penguin themed games that encourage ASL handshape (HS) recognition, awareness of visual language patterns, and sign and print vocabulary learning - all important early language and literacy skills!

Look at the Handshape (HS) target at the top of the screen.  Players must help Penguin move through 3 lanes on an icefield and select one sign/word (from a choice of 3) that matches that target HS.  Be alert- the Target HS changes after successful matches. Watch out for icehole traps!

Penguins (with HS’s on their bellies) are standing on an iceberg and waiting to be fed!  Fish (with image/text on their bellies) are swimming randomly under the iceberg. The rules are simple!  The penguins can only eat fish whose image/text matches the HS on their  belly. Drag the fish to the penguin to make a correct match and feed that hungry penguin!  

​Test your ASL HS knowledge with this game of memory and concentration. Build your memory skills while improving your sign vocabulary and/or your print vocabulary.